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Meet The Team


Damien Jarrett

Advocacy Director

Damien Jarrett is a British immigrant who moved to the USA in 2017. He decided to #WalkAway in 2018, but it wasn't until 2020 until he found the movement and had the courage to speak out with the support of our members behind him. After becoming a State Moderator, Damien quickly rose up within the organization and is now our Advocacy Director for the #WalkAway Campaign PAC.

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Brandon Straka


Brandon Straka is a former "progressive" liberal who created the #WalkAway Campaign movement in 2018. He is a regular commentator on international and national news outlets including Fox News, Fox Nation, Newsmax, OAN and CSPAN. He is a political artist, activist and entrepreneur. 

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Libby Headshot.jpg

Libby Albert

Executive Director

Libby Albert is a former Democratic Socialist who chose to #WalkAway in 2018. Libby is one of the original members of the movement, having met Brandon at the very beginning and began volunteering right away. She has been married for 12 years to a Navy veteran and together they have two boys. Prior to #WalkAway Libby worked in higher education for 10 years and has a masters degree in business. 

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