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About Us

Our Mission

Encourage others to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party through the restoration of the people's voice, a return to our founding principles, and support of politicians who personify #WalkAway values. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a movement welcome to people from all backgrounds, with the diversity of thought to challenge the Democrat's groupthink. This movement will consist  of people across the political spectrum, united behind core values and principles. These values and principles are neither conservative nor liberal, but the backbone of our republic and foundation of this great nation. 

Until this vision is realized, our republic continues to be at risk. 

The #WalkAway Campaign PAC was founded by Brandon Straka, creator of the #WalkAway Movement urging those on the left to #WalkAway. After carrying the movement forward for 3 years, and through 2 elections, it became clear that our government has forgotten who they work for. 

We have made it our mission to #WalkAway not only from the Democrat party, but establishment politicians on our own side who stand in the way of restoring the true balance of power in the United States. 

How we plan to do this:

  • Listen to your voice in determining what our values should be, and what issues matter most through use of surveys

  • Build the largest grassroots advocacy movement in the country

  • Use calls to action (CTAs) to ensure your voice gets through to your representatives via direct advocacy campaigns and petitions

Our goal is to provide you...the people...with the tools to enact real change. Whether it be from your living room couch, knocking on doors, or side by side with the #WalkAway teams at local rallies. We will restore your voice, the only voice that matters, and with it the balance of power that our Founding Fathers initially intended when they ratified the Constitution.

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