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Advocacy Center

Welcome to The People's PAC's Advocacy Center! 

Here you will find a number of tools which can help you restore your voice at both the State and Federal level. Whether you want to simply find out who your legislators or candidates are, or if you want to take part in one of our targeted advocacy campaigns tackling issues #WalkAway and its members care about, we will provide you with all the resources you need to identify and contact your representatives.

Here you will be able to:

  • Sign petitions

  • Take part in #WalkAway surveys in order to ensure the issues you care about get addressed

  • Advocate to your representatives

  • Track important bills in real time

In order to sign up for all our communications relating to advocacy and events, please enter your information above to ensure you are signed up for our newsletter. 

For those who wish to join the grassroots movement and volunteer, please head over to the volunteer page to sign up!

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