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America First Agenda

Support policy which puts American jobs first and incentivizes US businesses to stay in America. Prioritize American-made products where possible to promote industry here in the USA. 

Border Security

Honor our borders and support further strengthening of border security through additional man-made obstacles, personnel and checkpoints. This is integral to battling the gang, opioid and human trafficking issues plaguing our southern border.

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Our Values

Concept of blackboard and chalk asking if Section 230 on internet companies should be repe

Big-Tech Censorship

The internet is a public space and should be protected by the First Amendment as such. Big-Tech companies cannot hide behind Section 230 and the Government if they are going to continue to censor speech that they do not agree with. We support the complete repeal of Section 230.  

Uphold & Defend The Constitution

We pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America in its original form. We seek to restore the balance of power in which the Constitution prescribes and restrict that of Federal Government and the Executive Branch.

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Election Integrity

We call on all State Legislators to take control of their election processes as the Constitution states. We urge the Federal Government to stay out of our election processes, and oppose the attempts to federalize them. We stand against:

  • Mass mail-in ballots

  • Machine counting of our ballots

  • Counting of ballots after election day

  • Ballot harvesting

  • Unconstitutional changes not ratified by the legislature